Featured Speaker Larry Rogowsky

March 1 th 2020 thru May 30th 2020

Purchase minimum 3 tickets to the next Local Seminar June 6th Larry Rogowsky

Regional Seminar ticket in November 7th & 8th 2020  

 TICKET August International Convention 2020 

EITHER, attend 6 Trainings and/or Events and bring a guest to at least 1 of them:

(Local, UBP, HBP, NDT, Basic 5, ECCT, Health 101, Motives Clinic, Call Night, Other)

Retail over $500 of products AND host or help team host 1 product event, Wellness 101, Motives, Shop & Save as examples see gonowresources.com for tools to aid you in holding a duplicable event

Contact at least one prospect in the outside of Orlando area in the Florida District area to sell a product and or expose the Unfranchise Business Plan

Read one business or personal improvement book: Name the book & 1 thing you implemented into your daily life 

Show the plan to 8 prospects and conduct a follow-up appointment with at least 4:

Personally Sponsor 1 Qualified Business Partner. Name of new Partner

Submit by Midnight, Saturday, 5/30/2020 to email to: ORLANDOCHALLENGE@GMAIL.COM

Put Local Seminar Larry Rogowsky Challenge in the subject line of your email  Submissions are subject to audit.  Challenge winners will be honored in a variety of ways!

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